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ONEsoft-Kerf   I   Tool kompensering mjukvara
Kerf Tool kompensering mjukvara


SoftONE-Kerf calculate kerf compensation for NC programs. Can be used by CNC software for kerf calculation after loading the NC files, as well as stand-alone application. The application create a new NC program according with the tool value introduced by the operator. It can be easy integrate with the existing CNC machine software.
SoftONE-kerf can be used also for adding the kerf to all nc programs before loading into CNC. Add the kerf calculation to all nc files before loading the NC files into CNC, so you don’t have to wait for the controller to do the calculation.
Kan användas som standalone eller med CNC-system.
Snabb NC kerf beräkningstid.
Lätt att integrera med olika CNC system.